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Market Square siding

Frequently Asked Questions
If I do a quick fix to the vinyl siding on my home in order to hold off on any major repairs, how long should I wait before consulting a siding company?

A “quick fix” usually leads to more serious problems. Don’t temporarily fix the problem. Call us, your local N.W. Indiana and greater Chicagoland siding company today for a free assessment at 1-219-299-0136 in IN or 1 (708) 289-5468 in IL. We will make sure your siding is fixed or replaced solidly and reliably to ensure you won’t have to worry for a long time.

Vinyl siding replacement or repair

Is the vinyl siding on your home damaged or worn? Need a company that specializes in siding replacement? Bob The Builder Inc. Interiors & Exteriors uses the top products in the industry and has the experience to match. Your local N.W. Indiana and Greater Chicago siding company is ready to get started on your home.

Siding is the outermost shell of your home. While each layer of your house is vital to keep updated, siding is the first to be hit by a storm. At Bob The Builder Inc., we know how to make sure your home will be prepared for any scale storm and the inevitable aging process.

Vinyl Siding repair

Siding ages, as any element of a house will. Between weather and time, siding can become cracked, withered and might even begin missing partial or full panels. Not only can the wear and tear from the wind, damage siding but also, moisture from storms can cause fungus, damaged soffit or fascia (roof edges) and potentially leaks. These problems can work their way through the siding on your house and travel deeper to other layers causing major damage down the line. This is why it is important to resolve siding issues immediately and with the help of our knowledgeable professionals who have worked with our siding company for years. Our Bob The Builder crews know the exact signs to look for in different types of siding damage and the steps to take and effectively address the problem. Each case is handled with particular repair efforts for each specific situation after assessing the damage.

Custom Siding

Follow the link below and check out more about our prefered siding for our customers, Market Square. While at the site have a little fun on the Dream Designer, matching differing styles and colors of siding to your style of home.