Individual chimney brick replacement (spot cuts)

When water penetrates the bricks and freezes, the faces of the bricks can “pop” off, leaving even larger areas for water to enter. This is where a few spot cuts could stop the problem from spreading. Spot cuts are when individual bricks or a small cluster of bricks need to be removed because of cracks or spalling. Bricks will be matched to the existing brick as well as the mortar.

Replace or Reseal Roof Flashing

Chimney flashing protects the area where the roof meets the chimney and directs water around the chimney and down the roof. When the silicone becomes old it must be resealed with a new bead of silicone. In our experience we have found that over 85% of water problems in homes are caused by inadequate flashing, rusted flashing, or deteriorating sealant where the flashing meets the chimney. If the metal flashing is damaged or rusted it must be replaced.

Chimney Repointing (Mortar joint repair)

Cracked and missing mortar joints are yet another way water can enter a chimney and over time cause further deterioration. These mortar joints need to be ground out and replaced with fresh, color matched mortar.

Chimney Crown Repairs

The mortar crown is the chimney’s first line of defense against the elements. Over time, and with certain environmental events, the crown will deteriorate, crack, and become absent in areas which allow water to enter the chimney structure. When this happens, the existing crown needs to be removed and a new one laid with a special mortar mix made for durability.